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About Ezermester's:

Ezermester's by Andrea Hartley​


I am a third genoration treasure hunter and crafter/artist that has spent what feels like my entire life digging and sorting through dusty boxes in some of the worlds most abandoned and forgotten places looking for some long forgotten treasure to bring home and clean up to display. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to create something out of basically a bunch of nothing. I mostly describe my work as ADHD Crafting. I thoroughly enjoy learning new applications and techniques and therefore I rarely do the same thing twice. I left the "outside workforce" 7years ago while pregnant with my son to help start up my husband's electrical company and to raise our son. Up until now my projects have either been squeezed anywhere I could find a place for in my own home or gifted to friends and family. I recently jumped out of my comfort zone and participated in a designer challenge for Habitat for Humanity Ourtowns ReStore, where I received an overwhelming response for my work by people not bound by blood do to so. This motivated me to start a business up for myself. I am a vendor at the Rumor Mill Market in Davidson, NC where I get the opportunity to colaborate and hangout with all my junking furniture flipping friends. (That and the realization that my son is almost of age to start school and the thought of going back to work for someone else and having to re-acclimate myself to the 8-5, M-F, business casual wearing world was a little too scary of a thought) So basically, I was 30 years old and just figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I chose the name Ezermester's after randomly stumbling upon the term "ezermester," and after checking multiple sources to make sure of it's meaning, is hungarian for "master of 1000 things" which I think best describes my long term goal with all of this. 

This site is about my projects, artwork, design, and experiences throughout my processes. I will share some DIY projects and other random stuff I come across, as well as a place where you can either buy or commission pieces of work.

Please feel free to send me any comments or questions and even diplomatic criticism. (I am just starting out, don't crush my dreams yet with negativity please) I by no means claim to be a professional web developer or blogger or whatever the term is for people with the internets smarts is, but I hope it comes together and I hope you enjoy! Thank you!

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