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Recent news​

Studio Project

Andrea Hartley Oct 2013


Well it has became very apparent to me as well as the rest of my family, friends, and neighbors that I require a lot more space than the small room that I have been attempting to work out of. And since I have not been successful at convincing my husband that I should rent out a 20,000 sq ft building, I am moving to the garage. I am going to be honest and this will probably be one of the most tedious tasks I have taken on in a while. But the thought of having all my stuff in one general location and the fact that I will be making the move now that spider season is over is all pretty thrilling. I will keep you posted on the progress and if my new space turns out like I would like (something straight out of a magazine) I will be sure to post some pics. 

Show Time!!

Andrea Hartley Aug 2013


Pretty excited to say that I will be a returning artisan at Habitat's Restore in Mooresville for their Artisan Fair that will be held on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 9am-2pm now through October. I have been working my fingers to the bone (literally, I have burned, scraped and bruised these suckers straight to the bone) getting some new cool stuff made for the upcoming shows. And while we on the subject of Habitat Restore... I will also now be a contributing designer to their blog page. The 3rd week of the month I will be posting "How To's" and other projects that I will be working on Restyling and Redesigning using an item (treasure) I find at my local Restores in Mooresvile and Davidson. It's pretty sweet... I have actually impressed myself with the fact that I pulled off getting that gig! Hope to see everyone at the September and October Artisan Fairs!

New ideas

Andrea Hartley May 2013

So now that I am officially diving into this "Artist" gig, I realize that that my entitle doing actual shows and events to possibly supplement the cost of my supply hoard. I think I will take baby steps and start out with a small Artisan Fair on June 15th at the Mooresville Habitat Restore. However, this is more like a goal and not set in stone seeing as how I am pretty sure that I went into creating overload for the last event and fried a few brain power parts and not 100% sure that I could get back to work so soon. I will keep everyone posted on that.

Latest projects

​Andrea Hartley May 2013

The most surprising part of my Restore Restyle Designer Challenge came the night of the event, where I discovered that I am not the only one that thinks Mason Jars are awesome and should be made into light fixtures. So I am happy to say that I have convinced my loving husband (and licensed electrician) to help me "en-lighten" (get it) the world one Mason Jar Light Fixture a time. We will be diligently working to get an inventory of several different styles to make available for purchase as well as fulfilling any custom orders received.

If you are interested in purchasing your vary own Mason Light, please send us a brief email with your contact info and include any specific dimensions, color, or any other preferences that you may have and we will contact you with a quote. (*Please Note that Mason Jar Fixtures are handcrafted, original designs and each one will be unique. Size, color, shape, and materials may vary)  




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